Monday, December 27, 2010

Buy Diamond Rings from the Experts

Buying jewelry can be confusing and can end up costing you more than it has to, if you don't have a trusted jewelery store to buy from. Genesis Diamonds has been establishing a great reputation in Louisville as the place to go when you're serious about getting the best Diamond Rings. Louisville, like other big cities, has other jewelry stores, but none of them can compare to the best Louisville Jewelry Store - Genesis Diamonds.

Why are they the best?

If you want to buy the typical jewelry at overblown prices, you could say that virtually any store, except for Genesis Diamonds was the best. You see, Genesis Diamonds has broke with tradition and offers their customers the best diamond rings Louisville has to offer. They can do this because they import their own diamonds and fully stock their stores with the best diamond rings from the most respected jewelry designers in the world.

Other jewelry stores simply pay huge sums of money to diamond brokers and jewelry selling middle-men. Genesis Diamonds, does all of their own importing. When you go to their showcase room in Louisville, you'll see the difference. There simply is not another jeweler in Louisville that can afford to bring in the kinds of diamonds that Genesis Diamonds offers every day.

The best part is that since Genesis does their own importing and works with so many of the top design companies, they can offer you the lowest prices on diamond rings, loose diamonds, or virtually any type of high quality, designer jewelry. The other stores may make claim to being the best, but Genesis Diamonds is clearly a cut above the competition.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Your Jewelry Store of Choice - What to Look For

When you make the decision to buy a nice piece of designer jewelry, do you have a plan of action to find the best Louisville Jewelers to make your purchase? If not, you should. Buying jewelry shouldn't cost you more than it has to, and you shouldn't have to settle for less than the best quality from the most well known jewelry designers. Here are some things to consider as you look for your preferred Louisville Jewelers.


Does the jewelery store you are considering have a big selection of jewelry and loose stones? If not, you may not be dealing with the best jeweler. A top of the line jewelry store should offer you plenty of pieces to choose from.


The bottom line is always the bottom line. Of course, you don't want cheap jewelery. If you find a store that is offering you diamonds or gold for pennies on the dollar, you're probably not getting the real thing. On the other hand, though, you shouldn't have to pay overly inflated prices either. Some jewelry stores pay so much just to get their pieces imported that they have no choice but to charge you more for your jewelry purchases.

These are the foundations of a great jewelry store - awesome selection and fair, affordable prices. Genesis Diamonds are recognized as the premier Louisville Jewelers, because they offer their customers both. They have a huge selection of the best designer jewelry and their prices are right for getting the jewelry you want at an affordable price. Get everything you need in your next jewelry purchase by visiting Genesis Diamonds.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Your Most Important Jewelry Purchase

People have loved precious stones and metals since the dawn of civilization. One piece of jewelry, however, sticks out in the minds of people more than any other - the engagement ring. Few things are as romantic as that moment in time when two people decide to commit to each other for life. If you're near the Louisville area and are on the verge of this commitment yourself, you owe it to your soon to be fiance to give nothing but the best engagement ring. You can find the ring you're looking for at the Louisville Diamond Jewelry headquarters at Genesis Diamonds. They are known as the Louisville Engagement Rings store of choice, for more reason than one.

The Top Louisville Diamond Jewelry

Genesis Diamonds has one of the largest collections of fine diamonds in Kentucky and Tennessee. They get their diamonds direct, without using middle-man importers. This means that they don't have to pay importer fees, so they can afford to bring in more of the world's nicest diamonds. The quality of the diamonds and engagement rings you can find at the Louisville Engagement Rings headquarters at Genesis Diamonds is simply unmatched by any jewelry store in Kentucky.

Genesis Diamonds also brings in jewelry from the top jewelry designers in the world. When you give that engagement ring to your special someone, you want to give a diamond ring that is finely crafted and beautiful to look at. When you go to Genesis Diamonds for your engagement ring, you can choose from amongst a wide variety of rings from the best designers in the world.

Selection and style are just two reasons that help to make Genesis Diamonds the place to get your engagement ring.
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Whole New Jewelry Experience in Louisville

It used to be that if you wanted access to the world's finest diamonds, that you had to be a jewelry store owner or importer. The folks at Genesis Diamonds have revolutionized the way the public has access to, and buys diamonds. They have pulled back the curtain and let their customers in on some of the world's most exquisite diamonds at some of the most unbelievable prices. The way they sell jewelry to their customers is earning them the reputation as the best Louisville Diamond Jewelry Store.

The Difference

Most diamond sellers and jewelry stores deal with third party importers to obtain their precious stones. Of course, these importers are professionals, who demand high payment. In the end the payment for the importers is absorbed by the customer in the form of higher jewelry prices. Genesis Diamonds recognizes this fact, and cuts off that extra expense at the source. They are the Louisville Diamond Jewelry Store of choice, because they don't deal with the importers. They took matters into their own hands, and they do their own importing.

The bottom line for customers is that they get an unbelievable selection of diamonds to choose from, and they get the added benefit of not paying overblown costs to cover the importer's fees. They are buying their diamonds directly from the importer when they buy them at Genesis Diamonds. This is a radical change from how most jewelry stores do business, and it explains why people are flocking to Genesis Diamonds to get their fine jewelry. Lower prices and an amazing selection add up to making Genesis the Diamond seller of choice in Louisville.
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Buying Jewelry - Quality Does Matter

Some people think about jewelry only in terms of what the piece is. Is it a bracelet, or a ring? A diamond or a ruby? Of course, these basic facts about jewelry are very important, but there is one other element that has to be taken into consideration first - quality. The Louisville Designer Jewelry experts at Genesis Diamonds understand the quality that goes into making a beautiful piece of jewelry. In fact they carry some of the nicest designer jewelry around, from some of the top jewelry designers in the world. Don't settle for less, you are spending your money on jewelry to get the best possible product. The Louisville Designer Jewelry store of choice is Genesis Diamonds.

Your Louisville Diamond Store

When you think about jewelry, your thoughts probably immediately drift toward diamonds. Few precious stones in all the world have captured the hearts and imaginations of people, like a beautiful diamond can easily do. Genesis diamonds makes buying a piece of diamond jewelry, or loose diamonds an experience you won't soon forget. They import all of their own diamonds, so you not only get stones that are of thLONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 12:  Pieces of jewell...Image by Getty Images via @daylifee highest quality, you also avoid paying too much to jewelry stores that deal with third party importers. To be considered the Louisville Diamond store that is a cut above everyone else, you know that Genesis Diamonds must be doing something right - something the competition just isn't capable of.

With the best designer jewelry from around the world, and an unrivaled selection of diamonds, Genesis Diamonds is the premier jewelry store in Louisville.
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A New Concept in Buying Jewelry

When you look for a jewelry store, what do you look for? Obviously, you want to find the highest quality jewelry and stones, but you probably expect a little bit more. For a store to be considered the best Nashville jewelry store, the experience simply has to be different than what you'd get from the typical, mall jewelry store. Well, at Genesis Diamonds, you get just that - a whole new experience in buying jewelry.

Direct Importing

One thing that drives up the cost of jewelry more than any other factor, is the reliance on middle-men. When a jewelry store deals with a broker, to get their jewels and precious metal, they pay a premium. Of course, this premium is passed on to you in the form of higher prices. Genesis Diamonds does their own, direct diamond importing. This means the general public gets access to the kinds of precious diamonds, that used to be reserved only for professional jewelers, and at the same low prices. Not having to deal with outside importers, allows Genesis Diamonds to offer you a jewelry buying experience that is unmatched in Kentucky or Tennessee.

Experience the difference for yourself. Instead of dealing with jewelers who are charging you more, simply because they are reliant on an importer, see how different it is to buy from the Nashville jewelry store that does their own diamond importing. You'll feel like you stepped into a show room made for jewelry experts and insiders when you see the beautiful pieces that Genesis Diamonds has to offer. Top that choice and selection off with great prices, and you'll see why they are the diamond and jewelry store of choice for discerning customers.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Insiders' Secret to Finding the Best Jewelry

Jewelry stores are all over the place, and a lot of them offer the same old, same old. Few deviate from the standard business practices of offering their customers the typical jewelry that you can find at any of these cookie cutter locations. One Nashville jewelry store has broke the mold and taken jewelry selling to new heights in quality and customer service - Genesis Diamonds. Being named as the "Official Jeweler of the Tennessee Titans" is just one of the signs that they do their jewelry sales different from the competition, and the results for customers is nothing short of outstanding.

Jewelry is more than a simple purchase. When you buy a piece of jewelry, you are making an investment in something that has emotional and financial significance. No one goes to a jewelry store and looks for the worst piece they can find. No. When you think about jewelry, you think of the nicest, most elegant pieces, and you want professional jewelry salespeople that understand fine jewelry to help you make the best purchase for you hard earned money.

Genesis Diamonds is known as the Nashville jewelry store of choice. Once you visit them and see their fantastic jewelry and loose diamonds, you'll understand why prestigious organizations, who could go anywhere, choose Genesis as their jewelry store of choice. This is not your typical mall jewelry store. Genesis diamonds are the experts on fine, designer jewelry. One peek at their showcase of exquisite jewelry is enough to tell you that shopping for jewelry at Genesis Diamonds is the consummate diamond and jewelry buying experience. You won't find jewelry of this high caliber anywhere else in Kentucky or Tennessee.
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