Monday, December 27, 2010

Buy Diamond Rings from the Experts

Buying jewelry can be confusing and can end up costing you more than it has to, if you don't have a trusted jewelery store to buy from. Genesis Diamonds has been establishing a great reputation in Louisville as the place to go when you're serious about getting the best Diamond Rings. Louisville, like other big cities, has other jewelry stores, but none of them can compare to the best Louisville Jewelry Store - Genesis Diamonds.

Why are they the best?

If you want to buy the typical jewelry at overblown prices, you could say that virtually any store, except for Genesis Diamonds was the best. You see, Genesis Diamonds has broke with tradition and offers their customers the best diamond rings Louisville has to offer. They can do this because they import their own diamonds and fully stock their stores with the best diamond rings from the most respected jewelry designers in the world.

Other jewelry stores simply pay huge sums of money to diamond brokers and jewelry selling middle-men. Genesis Diamonds, does all of their own importing. When you go to their showcase room in Louisville, you'll see the difference. There simply is not another jeweler in Louisville that can afford to bring in the kinds of diamonds that Genesis Diamonds offers every day.

The best part is that since Genesis does their own importing and works with so many of the top design companies, they can offer you the lowest prices on diamond rings, loose diamonds, or virtually any type of high quality, designer jewelry. The other stores may make claim to being the best, but Genesis Diamonds is clearly a cut above the competition.

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