Thursday, December 9, 2010

A New Concept in Buying Jewelry

When you look for a jewelry store, what do you look for? Obviously, you want to find the highest quality jewelry and stones, but you probably expect a little bit more. For a store to be considered the best Nashville jewelry store, the experience simply has to be different than what you'd get from the typical, mall jewelry store. Well, at Genesis Diamonds, you get just that - a whole new experience in buying jewelry.

Direct Importing

One thing that drives up the cost of jewelry more than any other factor, is the reliance on middle-men. When a jewelry store deals with a broker, to get their jewels and precious metal, they pay a premium. Of course, this premium is passed on to you in the form of higher prices. Genesis Diamonds does their own, direct diamond importing. This means the general public gets access to the kinds of precious diamonds, that used to be reserved only for professional jewelers, and at the same low prices. Not having to deal with outside importers, allows Genesis Diamonds to offer you a jewelry buying experience that is unmatched in Kentucky or Tennessee.

Experience the difference for yourself. Instead of dealing with jewelers who are charging you more, simply because they are reliant on an importer, see how different it is to buy from the Nashville jewelry store that does their own diamond importing. You'll feel like you stepped into a show room made for jewelry experts and insiders when you see the beautiful pieces that Genesis Diamonds has to offer. Top that choice and selection off with great prices, and you'll see why they are the diamond and jewelry store of choice for discerning customers.
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